Aksi Cinta Bumi Bersama KPI - Sedekah Oksigen Untuk Dunia

Earth Love Action with KPI - Oxygen Alms for the World

In commemorating Earth Day and Biodiversity Day, PT. KPI together with the Adiwiyata school assisted by PT. KPI SMAN 2 Bontang carried out an environmental action in the Wana Khatulistiwa City Forest. Environmental Action Activities are accompanied by tree planting activities, cleaning activities in the City Forest, environmental seminars, outbound and camping by students of SMAN 2 Bontang. In the Wana Khatulistiwa City Forest managed by PT. The students' KPIs were also introduced to the types of flora and fauna found in the urban forest, including protected species. With this activity it is hoped that it can build awareness and appreciation of the earth as a place to live and public awareness of biodiversity issues.

In addition to being attended by 50 students from SMAN 2 Bontang, this activity was also attended by representatives from the Bontang City Environment Agency, Mr. Andi Hasanuddin and Mr. Ananta, representatives of the Bontang Kutai National Park.