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Healthy latrines for environmental health

After being launched on 27 December 2019 for KPI's contribution in the form of healthy latrines for 15 families using environmentally friendly bio-septic technology for 15 families in the coastal area of ​​RT 01 - Selambai Village, Lhoktuan. January 2020 the work has been completed 100% and can now be enjoyed by residents. The head of RT 01 and the beneficiary residents are very grateful for this healthy latrine assistance so that residents are healthier and cleaner, especially welcoming Bontang free of defecation in 2020. Following are the testimonies of residents of RT 01.

Erni, a resident of RT 01 who received the benefits of a healthy latrine, is very grateful and happy that she can now have a healthy latrine at home. Now it is no longer defecating (BAB) in any place. With this healthy latrine, my environment and family will also be healthier.

Head of RT 01, Jusman and his resident Tahir. As a community, both of them hope that all companies can contribute to providing healthy latrines for the community, especially for RT 01. "Hopefully this can be improved because our 150 families have not been able to fully enjoy this latrine, so we want this to continue and be maximized," he asked.