Pemeriksaan Hb, Test Kebugaran Siswa/i SMPN 4 Galilea Bontang

Hb Examination, Fitness Test for Students of SMPN 4 Galilea Bontang

The KolaKPIsang program for action to increase physical activity this time is at SMPN 4 Galilea, Bontang District, West, involving all 7th grade students. In this activity, a fitness test is conducted to measure the physical fitness level of students and monitored directly by health workers, the Bontang Health Center West. Apart from the test fitness  also examination of Hb, measurement of weight and height of, as well as giving tablets addition blood (TTD) for adolescent girls. These health examinations and fitness tests are very important to be carried out to monitor the health and welfare of students, especially in efforts to handle stunting. At the end of the activity all students are given eggs and fruit juice to educate them regarding the importance of protein and fruit consumption during the growth period.

The company hopes that with this program, we can detect the risk of stunting early and take appropriate steps to improve nutrition and nutrition as well as provide the necessary care.