Penutupan Program PMT Balita

Closing of the PMT Toddler Program

The KolaKPIsang program for action providing healthy food and accelerating improving nutrition by providing PMT for toddlers who experience stunting and underweight for 30 days in West Bontang sub-district in collaboration with the Bontang City Health Office has yielded results, where out of the 24 targeted toddlers intervened the success which was achieved in just a short time 30 days of 92%. In addition to giving PMT for toddlers, parents are also given education and practice on how to make healthy and nutritious toddler food by utilizing local foods that are high in protein through the Toddler Class (KeBal).

The company hopes that with this program, parents will gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide good nutrition for their toddlers and parents will feel supported and motivated in maintaining the health of their toddlers as the nation's next generation.