Program Pembuatan PMT bagi Balita Stunting & Underweight (Kelas Balita dan Kelas Ibu Hamil)

Program for Providing Supplementary Feeding for Stunted & Underweight Toddlers (Toddler Class and Pregnant Women Class)

Still in the context of reducing stunting in Bontang City, especially in the West Bontang District, PT. KPI, in collaboration with the Bontang City Health Department and the West Bontang Community Health Center (Puskesmas Bontang Barat), is conducting the KolaKPIsang program. As part of this program, they are organizing the Toddler Class (KeBal) with activities such as demonstrations of cooking nutritious and healthy snacks, as well as the Pregnant Women Class (KeBuMi) with a socialization activity called "If you refuse to eat, anemia will come." These activities are being implemented at the West Bontang Community Health Center, involving 15 pregnant women at high risk of malnutrition and anemia, as well as 30 toddlers and infants who are stunted and underweight, and are the targets of intervention and treatment for stunting in the PT. KPI program in the West Bontang District.