Uji Emisi Tahun 2023 - Hari Lingkungan Hidup Sedunia

Emission Test 2023 - World Environment Day

Commemorating World Environment Day 2023, PT. KPI is collaborating with the Bontang City Environment Agency to conduct free emission tests for 4-wheeled vehicles for the people of Bontang.

This activity aims to increase public awareness about the importance of protecting the environment, especially in terms of controlling motorized vehicle emissions which are one of the sources of air pollution in the city of Bontang.

KPI sends experts who are company employees to carry out emission tests using a Gas Analyzer to measure exhaust gases from car engines in the form of CO (Carbon Monoxide) and CxHy (Hydrocarbons). On the first day located at the Bontang City Environment Service Office, PT. KPI has conducted emission testing of 27 vehicles, and on the second day the test was again carried out at the Bontang Mayor's pavilion as many as 26 vehicles. From the test results, it was found that several vehicles did not pass the emission test and it was recommended to carry out vehicle repairs so that they met the established emission standards.
KPI is committed to continuing to support environmental preservation efforts and hopes that this activity can further increase public awareness in protecting the environment for a better future.